Cuban Charcoal

High quality imported Cuban Charcoal.

The artisanal vegetable charcoal is produced in artisanal ovens in a natural way, using the prime matter of remaining wood chunks and residues from tree-cutting areas that are not contributing to deforestation. Additionally, Marabu is an invasive plant with high caloric and energy levels.

The charcoal is elaborated by cooperatives consisting of personnel dedicated to its production and to the benefit of the cooperative.

Different qualities of artisanal vegetable charcoal are marketed depending on the wood that is used. The charcoal produced from hardwoods is in high demand given its caloric and lasting power, in comparison with those of soft woods that are highly combustible.

Sale Price: $49.95 plus delivery anywhere in the U.S.

Cuban Charcoal

The charcoal produced from Marabu comes in pieces of various shapes with a granulometry of 50mm to 200mm. Charcoal dust and cinder in the bags should not exceed 5%, and the pieces must be free of dust, dirt, straw or any other materials not part of the product. Each piece will have the same color, will be dry and will have a metallic sound. The pieces will not spark or burst and will burn with flames without white smoke.