Toccoa Green®

Toccoa Green® is suitable for any turfgrass use that desires luxurious presentation.


Toccoa Green® ('BA-305' Zoysia)* is a lush, warm season turf species developed by researchers at the University of Florida. Zoysiagrass species are indigenous to the region around the Western Pacific basin and surprisingly underutilized given its ability to withstand warm season temperatures that are characteristic of the southeastern United States. Toccoa Green® was selected for improved agronomic and horticultural traits that include reduced seed head production, fine leaf texture with short and narrow leaves, a dark leaf color, and a fast rate of establishment and ground coverage. With its fine leaf texture, Toccoa Green® is suitable for any turfgrass use that desires luxurious presentation. This zoysia’s intended purpose was for specialized turf applications such as high-end golf courses; on fairways and tees, as well as roughs and collars, on croquet lawns, on exotic microhabitats, and even high end lawns. Homeowners enjoy this variety of sod on their lawn due to its enhanced quality, ease of maintenance, and overall appearance. Defining characteristics for Toccoa Green® are that it proved be drought tolerant and it performed very well in shaded areas.


Newly planted Toccoa Green® should be watered daily and soaked thoroughly to a depth of 3 inches for the first two weeks to avoid dry out. Then reduce the amount of water but maintain the daily frequency for the following two weeks or until the lawn is established. Once it is established, watering needs will vary based upon the type of soil present. It is always best to mimic the environment by watering heavily every few days rather than watering lightly every day. For sandier soils, ¾ of an inch per watering will completely saturate the soil and everything else will simply percolate through. For heavier clay soils, you can water up to 2 inches at a time before saturation is reached. For this reason, heavier soils should be watered heavily but less frequently (every 3-4 days) and sandy soils will need less water but more frequency (every 2-3 days). Once it is established, watering should be reduced to every other day providing 1½  to 2 inches of water a week. Established Toccoa Green® is considered to be a drought tolerant grass. However, as part of its defense, it tends to show drought stress earlier than many other varieties of grass. The blades will curl and being to lose color as it goes into self-preservation mode. Therefore, if you want the beautiful and lush green lawn, frequent irrigation will be required.


Mowing An established Toccoa Green® lawn should be mowed every week during the growing season with optimum mowing height of ½  – 1½ inches.


*U.S. Plant Patent No. PP18,415, Propagation Prohibited

Toccoa Green®


Beautiful deep green


Fine Leaf Texture


It tolerates a relatively wide range of soil types but it is best suited to well drained fertile soils.


Toccoa Green® has fair pH Tolerance.


Toccoa Green® has excellent recuperative properties and can tolerate high foot traffic.


It has good to excellent shade tolerance when compared to other grasses. 


*U.S. Plant Patent No. PP18,415, Propagation Prohibited

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