Gulf Kist

Gulf Kist is a Woerner company whose brand name first appeared in 1969 when the Woerner family began their Arsh potato operation in Foley, AL. Gulf Kist potatoes were marketed and sold under this name across the United States for years until the mid-1980s when the Woerner family decided to take their land out of potato production. This decision was part of a strategic plan that allowed the Woerner Company to put more of their focus and available land into the production of turf grass and related products. The Gulf Kist name was kept through this change and was used as the brand name for the centipede seed that that the Woerner turf operation harvested off its fields and sold. In 1998, the Woerner turf farm in Sebring, FL went through a rebranding process that led to the creation of a new division of Gulf Kist called Gulf Kist Sod.

Today, Gulf Kist produces and provides turf grass to the Central and South Florida markets under the trade nameĀ Gulf Kist Sod. The Gulf Kist Sod farm is located in Vero Beach, FL about 8 miles west off of I-95 on FL-60. Because of its southern location, the Gulf Kist Sod farm is able to provide lush green turf grass to Woerner customers weeks after other sod farms located farther north have their inventory go dormant for the winter. In comparison to these farms, Gulf Kist Sod has an extended growing season that is typically 45-60 days longer.

Currently, Gulf Kist has two varieties of turf grass in production:

  • Classic St. Augustine
  • Floratam St. Augustine

In keeping with our fundamental belief in long-lasting, substantial quality, Gulf Kist chooses to offer you only the best turf grass. You can contact Gulf Kist Sod at for sales information.