Woerner Agribusiness

Woerner Companies traces its roots back to the traditional farming of row crops and commodity products. However, over the years Woerner became more and more oriented toward the growing and selling of turf grass. By the time the economic recession hit in 2008, Woerner was utilizing its entire farm-able land for the production of turf grass. When the recession hit and due to the lack of turf grass sales, it was apparent that the company needed to come up with a strategy to put its land to better use.

The decision was made to expand Woerner Turf into a broader agriculture business that became Woerner Agribusiness. Using the years of experience in row crop farming, Woerner Agribusiness was able to put its land into production of sweet corn, peanuts, watermelons and soybeans giving the company a new source of revenue. This decision to diversify into growing these other crops proved successful for the Woerner Companies and to this day remains as an important branch for the farm division.

Currently Woerner Agribusiness represents everything grown under the Woerner Companies. This includes about 10 varieties of turf grass, commodity crops including soybeans and field corn, and also specialty crops for dehydration purposes. The company continues to expand into growing more crops and finding new crops to grow under the Woerner Agribusiness name.

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